EasyGoAbroad: our story & mission

Who We Are

EasyGoAbroad was founded by three best friends who shared the same dream - the dream of studying abroad. Our friendship started in the U.S after we joined the work and travel program 15 years ago. Our first journey abroad was short but was a precious experience as it drove our dream of studying abroad.

To make the dream come true we spent years planning and deciding on our education pathway. We went through a lot of information, consulted with many people and even made a few mistakes, but they all played a major role in our decision making process. After a lot of effort and shattering many obstacles, we finally made it.

After 10 years of living abroad, taking English courses, completing certificate programs, graduating with Master’s degrees and working abroad, we believe we have learned things we would never have learned elsewhere. A key lesson we have learned is that no matter how well we are prepared, unexpected circumstances always take place.Even a perfect plan has flaws. From all of there, it made us realized that international assistance is extremely important while studying abroad and that is what triggered the start of EasyGoAbroad.

EasyGoAbroad has been helping many international students in the U.S. overcome their issues both locally and overseas. Students who had struggled with their study plans received helpful advice and successfully got back on track. EasyGoAbroad does not only assist with educational planning and visa applications, but also takes care of other matters in need. Even though education is our priority, there are other important considerations, such as quality of living, diversity, safety, job related networking and social networking to consider. We have been giving useful suggestions to make sure that our students have the best and valuable experience with us.

EasyGoAbroad is growing quickly as we continue to evolve to be the best partner you could find to fulfill your dreams of studying abroad. We promise to make your dreams our own - your future is our commitment.

Why Choose Us

  • Customized Service: What’s right for others may not be right for you. At EasyGoAbroad, we customize our services to match the unique needs of each of our members.
  • First-Hand Experience: We have been in your shoes. We know what you need before you actually know it.
  • One Stop Service: We take care of every step of going abroad and finding your footing there.
  • Overseas Branches: With San Francisco and Chicago branches, we are reachable 24/7.
  • Your extended family abroad: At EasyGoAbroad we are all part of the same family. And we will care for you as we would for any member of our family.